The Big Rig – Roma Queensland Australia

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The Big Rig – Roma Queensland Australia

Roma has always been a favourite stopping off point for visitors to the outback. When you visit the Big Rig, you’ll want to stop longer!

The Big Rig celebrates the unique history of Australia’s oil and gas industry, collecting together and presenting intriguing stories, photos and facts.

Catering for all ages, The Big Rig take visitors on an absorbing journey from Australia’s first discovery of petroleum, through the boom and bust years of oil and gas exploration and onto today’s multi-billion dollar industry.


A hundred years ago, on Roma’s Hospital Hill, a drilling crew was boring for water when, suddenly, the unexpected happen: “Wow, it’s gas!” yelled a surprised driller as water and gas mud  gushed out of the well.
With this event, quite by accident, Australia’s oil and gas industry was born.
The Big Rig celebrates the unique history of Australia’s oil and gas industry, collecting together intriguing stories, photos, facts and objects, in a variety of fascinating multi-media exhibits.



This stunning show, set against the night sky of Roma, dramatically recreates the story of Australia’s Oil and Gas industry, with emphasis on Roma’s part in its development. All in all, the Night Show brings into focus those events, and characters, which justify Roma’s claim to being the Cradle of Australia’s Oil and Gas Industry.
Combining a theatrical presentation with pyrotechnics, computer lighting and a digitally mastered soundtrack, The Big Rig Night Show creates a spectacle you’ll long remember.


The 30 minute light and sound presentation that tells a brief, informative and entertaining history of oil and gas. The venue is a terraced outdoor seating area which overlooks a pre set scene of a small bush rig camp, complete with tents, pond ,and a small drilling rig. The lighting highlights the adjacent Emsco rig, which prompted the naming of the attraction, as the BIG RIG.

The venue is heated by 4 large gas burners in winter. The show plays onto a large screen with the action taking place both on the screen and among the scenic setting.

The Big Rig at Roma Nightshow Production and Implementation

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Heath Ducker, From Dust to Glory

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Heath Ducker, From Dust to Glory
Growing up is a very hard process for many, but for Heath Ducker, it was a painful experience like no other. As a member of a broken family of ten children raised by a single mom, Heath Ducker lived in some of the worst conditions possible. With little to eat, little shelter and hardly anyone to watch, he was subject to many indescribable pains, including sexual abuse. Nevertheless, Heath Ducker fought hard to raise himself up from these trials. 

Now, Heath Ducker at, finally out of his torturous beginnings, devotes his life to helping children who suffer under the same circumstances. He has advised many political leaders on how to deal with unfortunate kids. He has also volunteered at several organizations that give assistance to those struggling with hardship and difficulties such as poverty and crippling disability. Heath Ducker’s life story now inspires many people who are not as fortunate growing up in life, and leads them to bring them out of their own misery.

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Use Free Online Memorials to Express Your Love

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Use Free Online Memorials to Express Your Love

When you lose someone that you love more than life itself, it causes a pain that is beyond compare. You’ll search for any way to ease your sorrow. Free online memorials are one alternative that can help you to deal with this period of loss. You can’t bring back your loved one and you can’t make the hurt go away. With free online memorials, you can express your love for the lost. Feel as if you are doing something to show how important that person was to you. When someone has such an impact on your life, you want the world to know about it. Skymorials – Free online memorial make it possible for anyone to see and remember those who have crossed over. 

It’s a Way to Hold On
When letting go is simply too hard, free online memorials offer you a way to hold on. Share special memories and qualities about your loved one who has passed on. Visit the website that offers free online memorials at any time. Day or night, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tribute is posted for all to see. If you’re feeling lonely or down, you can view your posting amidst other free online memorials. Spend as much time as you need as you study the words and pictures that you have shared in your tribute. Feel a little closer with free online memorials as a way to bridge the gap between yesterday and today. You can’t turn back time to bring back the one you love. Free online memorials make it possible for you to remember that person today.

You Can Never Say or Do Enough
You may feel like you have to do more to express your love after you have lost someone. Free online memorials make it possible for you to take one more step in remembering your loved one. Share your tribute with friends and family, passing on comfort to everyone who was touched by such an amazing person in your life.

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Starting a New Business? Consider Hiring a Business Coach

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Starting a New Business? Consider Hiring a Business Coach

What better way to start off your new business by looking for guidance from a business coach. Business coaches are experienced and professionally trained to offer insight in marketing, management, sales, problem solving and more. When seeking your coach be sure to check for expertise in their field, experience in coaching and the accessibility you will have to them.

Begin by looking for a Action Victoria: business coach Melbourne that has knowledge of the field in which you are beginning your business. For example, if you are opening a restaurant you will want to search a hospitality coach. It’s also a good idea to make sure your coach has experience in any specialties within your business (For example: catering, party rentals, liquor laws, etc.). 

Next, you will want to request your business coach’s resume to get an idea of the experience he has in coaching. Is this a beginner coach? Are you his first coaching job? That can be a little scary. Make sure you have a coach with some degree of experience. You may also request to check references. Remember, your coach will not only be working with you, but also for you.

Accessibility to your business coach is crucial while going through the process of starting your business. You will want to ask questions about how much time your coach will have to work with you, what are his available hours, how many other projects will he be working on while coaching you, etc. You will want the security of knowing that your coach can be there for you during important decision making times. 

Using a business coach is not only a smart decision, but an investment that will guide you through the steps of creating a thriving and prosperous business that will bloom and last for years to come.

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The Big Rig - Roma Queensland Australia