Compare Car Insurance Quotes
When you’re looking for car insurance, it’s important that you shop around and compare insurance companies. You can compare different companies’ rates by getting quotes from each of them. There are three ways to obtain car insurance quotes, although the available options vary for each specific insurance company.

1. Online

Getting car insurance quotes online is fast and convenient. Online quotes are a common option in this day and age, so you can get them through most car insurance companies.

You can get a quote online by visiting the insurance company’s website and looking for a “Get a Quote” link (each company uses its own wording). Enter the required information. Depending on the insurance company, you may receive an immediate quote with the option to purchase that car insurance by Youi, or an insurance agent with that company may contact you back with a quote.

2. Phone

You can obtain car insurance quotes over the phone with almost every insurance company. While it isn’t quite as fast as an online quote, it still doesn’t take long and you get to speak to a representative throughout the process.

To get a quote over the phone, find the company’s phone number, which will be available on its website. If the company has multiple departments, contact the sales department. Provide your information to the phone representative for your quote.

3. In-Person

Obtaining car insurance quotes in-person has become less and less common, but it’s still an option with many insurance companies, especially those that only sell their insurance through agents.

To get an in-person quote, contact the company via phone or email to set up an appointment. You may also be able to visit the company’s office without an appointment, but it’s better to make one so you have a guaranteed time to talk to an insurance agent.

Which Method Is Right for You

It’s hard to top the convenience of getting car insurance quotes online. If you’re computer savvy, it’s the fastest quote option, and it’s less hassle than calling or visiting an insurance company’s office. However, if you enjoy speaking to someone during the quote process, the personal attention of a phone call or especially an office visit may be better for you.

Additional Considerations When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Keep in mind that finding the right insurance takes more than simply comparing the prices of all the car insurance quotes you get. You also have to look at what is included in each quote. Most companies provide quotes for their minimum coverage options to start, so consumers see their lowest possible prices. Check what comes with each coverage, and consider each company’s discount options. A company with a slightly higher quote may be a better deal if it has a plethora of discounts available. Certain companies with higher quotes also make up for it in other areas, including customer service and superior handling of claims.